Values Day 2021

Holistic Impact

​ September 10th​ 2021

Values Day 2021

September 10th 2021

Welcome to the Values Day 2021 site, on which we 'll keep you up to date on all things Values Day. We'll be posting the program, pre-reads and other interesting content during the run up to the 10th of September.

After almost 18 months, we will be finally meeting all together again during Values Day. This will be organized at the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam. Please find here the final logistics.

The program starts at 14.00.​ Make sure you arrive on time. It will be an interactive program, which means no calls or emails. Part of the program will be outside. so make sure you dress appropriately.

There is a big parking lot next to Artis, which means it should be easy accessible for you to park there. We will distribute parking tickets, but if your are able to come by bike or with public transport, please do so.

Plantage Kerklaan 38-40, Amsterdam

In person program

13.00 - 14.00h ​ ​ ​ Walk-in and registration

14.00 - 17.00h ​ ​ ​ Official program

17.00 - 22.00h ​ ​ ​ AperitiZoo drinks and dinner


Artis is exclusively opened for us after 18.00, so that will give you the opportunity to explore the zoo, enjoy exclusive shows in the Planetarium and join some workshops in the evening.

Important Covid note

Obviously, we will comply with the latest COVID regulations, as formulated by both RIVM and ARTIS. Details will follow closer to the date but for now we like to inform you about the most important aspects:

Artis asks for a Coronabewijs, using the CoronaCheck app. The QR-code in the app will be checked by ARTIS upon entry.

As ARTIS requires us to use the Coronabewijs, we are able to organize a plenary session with fixed seats for everybody. For all other program activities it is possible to maintain sufficient distance.

​ Please make sure you have downloaded the CoronaCheck app in advance, have uploaded your proof, or if necessary have scheduled a free test timely (max. 24hrs before the event) via

Alternative program
We are looking forward to welcome you in person, however in case you are not comfortable to meet in person yet, we respect this and we offer an alternative program. To sign up for the alternative program, please contact
Laura Toussaint Raven.

What does holistic Impact mean to you?

Before we go into the firms definition of Holistic Impact, we've asked several of your colleagues to tell us what Holistic impact means to them. Does it inspire them, does it give energy, does it have a ​ place in their mindset? Below is a short selection of insights that may trigger your own line of thought on the theme of this year...

Are you delivering the right Impact?

Check out Bob's tool to see if you're on the right path!

The 5 pillars of Holistic Impact

Get inspired

In het kort:

  • Pieter en Marijke Honing zijn franchisenemer van vijf McDonald's-restaurants.
  • Bij 10 % van hun medewerkers is sprake van loonbeslag.
  • 'Veel medewerkers worstelen met hun bestaan, de samenleving is te complex geworden', zeggen de twee.
  • Hun woensdag is volledig ingericht als ‘zorgdag’ om medewerkers te helpen bij hun administratieve narigheid.

Leven en werken aan de onderkant:
kopje onder in de complexe werkelijkheid

Loonbeslagen, statushouders die verdwalen in wet- en regelgeving, in de steek gelaten alleenstaande moeders: binnen hun vijf McDonald's-zaken in Utrecht zien Pieter en Marijke Honing dagelijks hoe werkende mensen ten onder dreigen te gaan in een complexe samenleving. ‘Dit is pas écht jongerenwerk.’


Het moeten indringende gesprekken zijn geweest aan de keukentafel bij het echtpaar Pieter en Marijke Honing. Eerstgenoemde was directeur franchise & legal op het hoofdkantoor van McDonald's, zijn echtgenote jongerenwerker in Almere. Beiden waren niet tevreden met hun bestaan.

Hij: ‘Ik wilde dolgraag steviger in de maatschappij staan en vanuit de corporate wereld meer ondernemer worden.’

Zij: ‘Ik was het geloof in de jeugdzorg verloren. Het was pappen en nathouden. Zat ik daar weer in een buurthuis met jongeren die bier dronken of een jointje rookten.’

Het roer ging om. Ze werden franchisenemer van twee McDonald's-restaurants. Eerst in Dordrecht, en nu sinds enkele jaren van vijf zaken in Utrecht.

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